Project 5: A twist on the Totoro bag (in that it is now an elephant bag and looks completely different)

I decided that the big sister of the baby blanket recipient should have a present too – so I decided to make a variant on the Totoro Bag that I had so much fun with.

I had some denim left over from my skirt and I thought that would make a lovely hard wearing bag. I also decided to build on the elephant from the baby blanket (mostly because I knew how!) – but I made it a bit bigger so that it would cover the front of the bag. Here are my two elephants and their ears for comparison.


I made an unlined version of the Totoro Bag – here is the finished product:


I think it is so cute! The only problem of not having a lining was that I found the top and the shoulder straps a little hard to place.


Though I did ADORE using the contrast fabric and the bound seams on the inside. In fact I liked this so much…. that I made a bit of a plan for next time.


A very happy project indeed 🙂



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