Project 4: The first ever baby present! And my first ever attempt at a quilt.

It seems like everyone in the world is making quilts. And I thought they’re square – how hard can it be?

I wanted to make baby blankets for my sister and a friend who are due to have babies soon. I googled around and found some images I really liked:

Baby Floor Blanket, Elephant Baby Play Blanket, Baby Play Mat, Mint Green, Teal Blue,  Gray by Customquiltsbyeva on Etsy

And I found an elephant template that I found cute:


elephant applique template - Google Search                                                                                                                                                                                 More                                                                                                                                                                                 More

So I went and bought a bunch of fabric….

I bought grey, green and white Crompton spot fabric:

grey crompton

And also some plain pale green (that I didn’t realise until I got to cutting it was actually stretch fabric… but the patience of my little on had run out and so I got it….. BIG MISTAKE!)

I decided on a 9″ square patchwork. For my friend I decided to make a 4*4 square (so it should end up 36 ” square – bug enough to lay a brand new baby on).

Making the applique elephants was a delight. Helpfully, it was a simply enough shape to trace and cut. Plus I made the curtest ears!



I used my favourite green spots for the backing as well and bound it with matching bias tape. I actually found the binding the endest the hardest thing. I used pretty bouncy wadding (on reflection I should probably have spend the money for cotton wadding online… but I had never done it before and it is a lot more expensive)


Here is the finished article. I see all of its flaws – but in many ways I think it’s not to bad for a first try 🙂dav




One thought on “Project 4: The first ever baby present! And my first ever attempt at a quilt.

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