Project 4: Little girl tops two ways – one of my happiest making things so far :)

I have fallen in love….


In love with the spotty green cotton that has become the header of this site. It is SO VERY cute and at £4 per meter it is also helpfully cheap.

I got so much inspiration from this amazingly helpful sew-along for her lovely Sadie Shirt. Her plan is to use a large-ish t-shirt to make a pattern. But as I don’t own an overlocker I felt like a few adaptations may help.

So here is my Dotty Top tutorial!

Dotty top 1Dotty top 2

Here are my actual pattern pieces (made, as ever from kids drawing paper!)




Dotty top 3Dotty top 4

It really is a very cute  closure – here is a photo



Dotty top 5Dotty top 6Dotty top 7Dotty top 8Dotty top 9

The finished article really did make us both happy. Here are some photos of it inside and outside




It’s gone through the wash a few times and it really does seem to be holding up well 🙂


For keen eyed readers- I decided this top was far too long so extra buttons will have to wait for another day…


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