Bias Binding: the quick and dirty late night method – Part 2 How to sew on bias binding.

As discussed in part 1 – I love bias binding. But I have decided that my life is too short to make my own.

Similarly, when it come to sewing it on, I opt for simplicity. All the ways I was taught to do it at school are beautifully explained here by Made by Rae – but it is another of those moments where  I have to ask WHY… ?

There are some situations where you need to sew bias binding twice (e.g. I cannot imagine sorting out the edges of a quilt in one fell swoop) but for most of the purposes I use it there is a much quicker way.

  1. Bung it on
  2. Pin the hell out of it
  3. Stitch fairly close to the edge
  4. Be  happy – aim to go to bed  before 3 am

So here are two super speedy, no-iron binding methods that I use on all my projects

How to Binding a Raw Edge – the super speedy, late night method.

– When to use: seam allowances, arm openings, maybe a hem if you feel a little bit bold and want your binding to show (remember you’ll need to cut off your seam allowance or you’ll have something 5/8 longer than you originally planned)

raw edge method.png


How to bind a hem – the super speedy late night method.

When to use:

– When you love a sneaky flash of colour and/or cannot stand raw edges and have no overlocker

hem method

And here is the finished view. According to my phone even with all the photo taking this took 4 minutes to produce

finished bias binding


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