Bias Binding: the quick and dirty late night method – Part 1 How not to make bias binding.

Bias binding is my official favourite thing about making my own stuff. Everything looks so much more cute with a contrast hem! Plus, I want to be brave and make bold fashion choices…. but then I wimp out and so bias binding gives me the chance to be bold on the inside, in a way that is visible in flashes – rather than too bold for me all the time.


Boldness….. quietly , in my bright blue hemline

It can also save so much time and avoid interfacing to just bind a raw edge with visible bias binding.


In my high speed PJ top I just bound the raw edges of the sleeves – IN SATIN!

And there are loads of cute tutorials about telling you how to make your own for example: Tilly and the Buttons  or Sew, sew easy and each time I see one I get so very tempted…

But I feel that we need to take a pause and ask ourselves WHY?

Making bias binding is an expensive hassle – and in more tales of my borrowing my toddlers art supplies, and in a method that is FAR quicker than making bias binding, here is why

The thing is, bias binding gives you a little bit of stretch in a in a woven fabric but cutting it on the diagonal. But we need to remember that it is literally quicker to tell you about it in IKEA water colours than to make.dav


And it is expensive – because cutting those diagonal stripes uses loads of fabric and gives you really useless bits for left overs.

And then after all that injustice YOU HAVE TO IRON IT! You even need a special thingumy to iron it.

So I would like to point out that 34p per metre is REALLY cheap (and 42p for satin binding is really cheap too). In fact – it is almost certainly cheaper than masses of fabric.

So part one of my comments on bias binding are just say no! Life is too short. Your iron is kept in the same room as your sleeping baby. Bias binding is awesome and cute – so just buy it!


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