Project 3: Pyjama Disaster! (part 2 – how I actually made the bloody things wearable)

There were so many things I loved about the pyjama disaster – I thought the pockets were cute. I loved the satin bias binding on the pockets and outside leg! But as I mentioned – they were unwearable

But my house is small and my money is too tight to have projects thrown away… and so I fixed them…. ish….


It was slightly alarming cutting up my finished trousers and they don’t look great – but they are really wearable. Here is my slightly hack repair job:

And the finished article. As you can tell from the general air of crumpled – I have actually been wearing them 🙂


Plus- I made myself an equally grandma-ish top to go with them. I made it by copying a simple two piece no dart top that I have – essentially a box with head and arm holes! But I was pleased with the way the bound sleeves came out and the lining at the neck line.



Plus – when it’s PJs so boxy is comfy, and I actually think it doesn’t look too bad on (well it looks a little like I’m wearing curtains – but that was totally the look I was after).



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